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Healthcare Solutions

eTrainETC offers a specific enterprise solution for any organization in healthcare. We have developed a library of training and education modules and authoring tools to design, build and edit cases, scenarios and procedures, all backed by custom development services to help you along the way.

Authoring tools to build microsims yourself. Leverage a library of modules, scenes, rooms, patients and equipment specific to the healthcare market.
Growing library of microsims, courses and modules specific to the healthcare market to be edited or used as is.
Custom Development
Services specific to healthcare. Contact us to learn more about eTrainETC’s experience with hundreds of custom projects.

Leveraging AI Features to Save Time and Improve Safety

eTrainETC has designed a unique solution to leverage AI to build knowledge application learning faster and help implement better ways to train and educate.

Specific Solutions for Healthcare

Our solutions are flexible. We can co-develop, support your self-authoring and leverage the growing library of topics.

eTrainHealthcare Portfolio Enterprise Solution

eTrainETC has created a healthcare portfolio called eTrainHealthcare. This is a healthcare-specific solution for the development of virtual simulations with ready-to-use simulations (library) on a variety of topics. The healthcare solution features over 50 different patient avatars, as well as options for rooms and medical equipment.

Sample Portfolio

eTrainETC Sample Portfolio

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