eMicro-Sim1™ Demos

The eTrainETC eMicro-Sim1™ enable learners to interact with limitless virtual scenarios, make decisions, and confirm their critical thinking skills, knowledge application, and confidence levels.

Conflict Resolution eMicro-Sim1™

You are the role of Manager. One of your employees wants to discuss why they are not going to get the COVID-19 Vaccine. Additionally, another employee has accidentally activated a potential ransom threat on her computer.

AC Unit Service Call

You are the role of a service technician. In this eMicro-Sim1™, you have been given a service call for a customer who has no air conditioning at the moment.

Donning and Doffing

FREE eMicro-Simulation on the CDC recommended guidelines for Donning and Doffing of PPE with COVID-19 Case.

Sepsis Module #1

The Learner is placed in a clinical environment and interacts with the scene and patient to make healthcare decisions. Explore this FREE module and test your knowledge and confidence.

Furniture Assembling

The following eMicro-Sim1™ is an example of assembling any form of equipment. This could be a supplement for any manual or operational guide.