eMicro-Sim1™ Demos

Microsims allow learners to interact with limitless virtual scenarios, make decisions, and confirm their critical thinking skills, knowledge application, and confidence levels.

Warning. These are demonstrations only. Please do not use these for training and education purposes.
Access the Learning Lab to experience microsim demos.

Vaccine Administration

We offer custom artwork for simulation environments, characters, and objects.

Demo Sim with Video as a background

This is an example of a video-based microsim for decision-making involving the donning and doffing of PPE.

e360 Panorama Demo

Video of using the editor to build a panorama microsim with 3D objects.

First Five eMicro-Sim1™

Build a microsim with digital images to show background scene changes with actions taken.

Conflict Resolution

You are a manager and one of your employees has activated a potential ransom threat on their computer by accident. Demo purposes only.

AC Unit Service Call

As a service technician for the AC company, you have received a service call from a customer who currently has no air conditioning. In this simulation, you assist them with repairs. Demo purposes only.

Donning and Doffing

Simulation of CDC guidelines for Donning and Doffing PPE during COVID-19. Demo purposes only.

Sepsis Module #1

In this simulation, the learner interacts with a patient in a clinical setting to make healthcare decisions. Demo purposes only.

Furniture Assembling eMicro-Sim1™

This simulation illustrates how to assemble equipment and could be used as a supplement to any manual or operational guide. Demo purposes only.

Viking Pure Generator Access eMicro-Sim1™

In this simulation, you learn how to inspect Viking Pure equipment and perform routine maintenance on disinfectant containers using the appropriate spigots on the generator. Demo purposes only.
Access the Learning Lab to experience microsim demos.