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The team at eTrainETC can help you address the following:

Unique Solutions
eTrainETC has developed a scalable Platform/Toolkit that leverages technology to build sims in minutes. Take 15 minutes to see how we can revolutionize your training immediately.
4.1 million injuries resulting in $70 billion in workers’ compensation claims. Over 400,000 deaths/errors per year in the healthcare industry alone. Our solutions can help your team members practice their knowledge application with virtual, on demand sims and more.
Custom training/education development through our authoring and self-authoring platform enables improved delivery times and reduced costs.
New Workforce
Millennials are visual learners and are looking for fast results. Our microsims get learners tools fast.
Future of Learning
Microsimulation is gaining momentum. Short bursts of learning focusing on key gaps is the wave of the future. Start now and you will not be left behind.
Confidence and Competence
Tracking learner confidence in both knowledge acquisition and knowledge application can now be accomplished.
Automatic Remediation
Our eMicro-Sims offer immediate remediation feedback, mentoring, educational references, and links to other helpful training. The eMicro-Sims also offer artificial intelligence (AI) features and functions.
eTrainETC's unique combination of tools for training and data analytics can provide a powerful return on investment by improving learners' speed to competency while the cost of doing so is reduced and made more scalable.
eTrainETC’s solutions are uniquely customized for any organization’s needs.

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The team at eTrainETC is passionate about improving safety and outcomes through education. With over a decade of experience developing creative and engaging eTraining, our team has the expertise and technology to deliver the quality solutions you need.

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Join us in revolutionizing training through microsim strategies and more.