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Microsimulations for industry best practices

Train everyone with knowledge application

Immerse your learners in virtual environments

Soft skills interactions and communication-based microsims

Healthcare virtual critical decision making

Create and implement effective virtual knowledge application microsimulations quickly and at a lower cost.

eTrainETC offers a robust SaaS authoring platform for the rapid creation of virtual simulations, which foster critical thinking and decision-making by allowing learners to apply knowledge and assess their confidence.

Utilize existing documentation such as scenarios, cases, and checklists to build cost-effective microlearning simulations quickly. Our platform not only streamlines development with advanced AI features but also enhances learning outcomes through sophisticated data analytics and targeted remediation tools.

Our Solutions

Software Licensing
License the eAuthor1 self-authoring platform to create and edit knowledge application microlearning. Leverage AI development features to expedite content creation.
Benefit from a library of characters, rooms, and equipment to design your own scenarios with the support of custom services to meet your training needs and production goals.
Custom Development
Our experienced team provides services which include building simulations, micro/macro, eLearning modules, integrating and implementing Learning Management Systems, and designing custom 3D artwork and custom applications with accompanying detailed project management.

Why eTrainETC?

  • Better prepare your team to have fewer mistakes.
  • Knowledge application with adult learning principles.
  • Faster onboarding to lower costs.
  • Create custom content faster with AI features.
  • Accessible with any technology and platform.

What is an eMicro-Sim1™?

Microsimulations are short, interactive simulations that provide scenario-based decision-making experiences. These microsimulations help your learners sharpen their critical thinking skills while you're supplied with rich data analytics to gain insight into their performance and confidence.

Knowledge Application

Learners may pass a test. But can they apply that knowledge in a scenario or case?


How confident are your learners in performing critical skills based on knowledge acquisition?
How confident are they in applying their knowledge?

Remediate with Mentors and Key Knowledge

The simulation toolkit can offer virtual mentorship, recommendations, and new information about the case or scenario topic.

"I have been working with the team at eTrainETC for years.
They provide quality services and are great to work with."
— Daniel Voss, Sales Education Manager

"eTrainETC has created an easy-to-use platform for building microsim cases. This style of learning is the future and we are glad to be a part of it."
— Katie Normand, MD. Associate Professor, Dept. of Anesthesiology

"We are offering some great micro simulations utilizing the eTrainETC platform. This strategy is flexible and exactly what our learners are looking for. The best part is designing and modifying these micro simulations quickly with a scalable authoring environment eTrainETC offers."
— Andres Viles, MSN, RN, CNS, CHSE. Simulation Coordinator Senior

"With all the changes going on in healthcare, training and education strategies need to be reevaluated. Part of that reevaluation should be considering the unique platform and authoring environment of eTrainETC. They have created a way to design engaging micro simulations that truly engage a learner's critical thinking and decision-making in a case or scenario. During these micro simulations, learners apply their knowledge and identify their level of confidence, with considerable remediation options, data analytics, and reporting. I have not seen anything like this available today."
— Bob Armstrong, Assistant Professor, SOHP, EVMS

"eTrainETC is an integral part of our health courses. We are very pleased to be working with such a great team."
— Dr. Natasha Taylor, Curriculum Lead for Simulation, Coventry University

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