eMicro-Sim1™ Cases and Procedures

Our library of healthcare topics is growing. With partners ranging from schools, sim centers, hospitals, and medtech, we are addressing current training and education needs now. For more information about the topics listed below, please contact us directly.
  1. Sepsis – Altered Mental Status
  2. Sepsis – Cough & Confusion  
  3. 12-lead ECG Interpretation
  4. It Takes Two Heparin Administration
  5. Cardiac Arrest - First Five  
  6. Patient Experience - Pain Communication
  7. Synchronized Cardioversion
  8. Defibrillation
  9. Transcutaneous Pacing
  10. Overview of Bladder Catheterization – Male
  11. Anaphylaxis
  12. Pneumothorax
  13. Sepsis Modules - Accredited and Non-Accredited Versions
  14. Nasopharyngeal Specimen Collection and Handling for COVID-19 Testing
  15. COVID-19 Vaccine Administration
  16. COVID-19 PPE Donning and Doffing - Accredited and Non-Accredited Versions
  17. COVID-19 PPE EMT
  18. Guide to Electrosurgery