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eAuthor1® Platform and Toolkit

eAuthor1® was architected to accelerate microlearning. Our solution enables the custom development of intuitive microsimulations that help users perform critical decisions while confidently demonstrating knowledge acquisition.

When you leverage our new AI features to develop microsimulations quickly and at a lower cost, the opportunities are endless.


This video introduces the eAuthor1® platform and toolkit. Watch this video to see how our easy-to-use application can improve your training and education.

Create or Outsource Your Scenarios with the eAuthor1® Solution

eAuthor1®, powered by eTrainETC™, is an easy-to-use, self-authoring solution for creating interactive microsimulations, that enable knowledge application and confidence assessment in simulated environments, which can be taken 24/7 on any device.

Platform and Toolkit

See how eAuthor1® works in this brief demonstration. The development possibilities are limitless and not just for healthcare!
Ready to Go
Just add your content or edit any of our templates and you are ready to launch. Once you are happy with the microsim, you can publish to industry standard files with a click of a button.
eTrainETC’s eAuthor1® features:
Flexible for all users
Extensive libraries
Easy Integration
SCORM, xAPI, Custom
AI-based authoring tools
Confidence analytics
Knowledge application
AI-based mentoring
Easy Customization
Make changes in minutes to your scenario or case. No need to hire a programmer or wait for someone else.
Choose from our current library to use as is or edit and create a version specific to your organization.
Professional Design
Our simulation toolkit is ready to go for your audience. We have had thousands of users take our microsims. This is what your users are looking for.
Flexible Deployment
We enable you to publish your microsim to run on mobile devices or any device online. Our toolkit can interface with any LMS or learning platform.
AI Capabilities
Learn more about eAuthor1® leveraging machine learning and AI to help create and design sims in minutes. This is going to be revolutionary!
Confidence analysis
Engage your learners to better understand their confidence levels regarding applying knowledge virtually.

Amaze your users

Join us in revolutionizing training through microsim strategies and more.