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How much does the authoring platform cost?

The platform costs are based on your organization’s size and audience. Starting at $5,995.00 with additional options for more developer licenses, advance tools, and libraries of modules. Please contact us to discuss your needs and the budget that is right for you.

How much does custom development cost?

eTrainETC offers a flexible price model based on your organization. There are many factors to the scope of work you require and eTrain identifies those items and provides a very competitive budget. Please contact us to discuss your needs and identify the budget that is right for you.

Can these simulations run on my computer or phone?

Yes. eTrainETC has engineered our micro sims to detect the screen you are using and provide the right user experience.

Can I get a trial version of the authoring tools (eAuthor1®) to test?

eTrain offers you a one-on-one demonstration to confirm your level of interest. Trail versions are available after that.

Do you have Virtual Reality based Simulations?

Today, all our simulations can run on most VR products. Coming later this year, eTrainETC will offer a VR version that truly incorporates the 3D experience of a microsimulation developed by our authoring platform. eTrainETC can also create custom VR solutions based on your individual needs. Please contact us to learn more.

What kind of training is available on the application?

eTrainETC provides a blended training program. We offer an online (self-paced training program) with tutorials and sample templates for the user. eTrainETC also offers custom web-based training programs designed specifically for individual users or larger groups. Coming soon will be monthly webinars covering key topics for developing unique microsims.

Who is using the platform today?

eTrainETC has a user base of schools, businesses, and professional training companies using the platform.

Is this platform in development or is there a commercial application ready to go?

eTrainETC has a commercial version available for you to license today. Please contact us to learn more.

Can these micro-simulations integrate with my learning environment (LMS, etc.)?

eTrainETC’s authoring environment produces a SCORM, xAPI, and custom files for each micro sim. This can integrate with almost any industry-standard LMS. Leveraging the xAPI capabilities will provide considerable data analytics and integration into additional features of the eTrainETC platform.

Can someone create microsims for me if I do not want to use the authoring tool?

Yes. eTrainETC has a custom services team that can create specific micro-simulations around your needs.