Press Release


September 25, 2023 at 12:45-1:15 pm EST
Build Knowledge Application Microlearning Sims with an AI Authoring Tool

eTrainETC presents our AI-based authoring tool eAuthor1® to the ATD community.

Archived ATD Demo Day Content Authoring Tools Webinar.

Session Description

Knowledge application is critical for training and education content to be sticky. Virtual simulations are built with the eAuthor1® software platform for learners to make decisions, thereby demonstrating actions and critical thinking. Following core knowledge presentation (eLearning, etc.), microsimulations enable learners to demonstrate their knowledge and determine their confidence level per decision.

The easy-to-use eAuthor1 solution enables anyone to create microsimulations by leveraging the built-in eMentor1™ AI tool. Build incredible knowledge application micro-learning sims in minutes with eAuthor1!

Webinar attendees will be offered the opportunity to build a FREE 5-minute microsim based on qualifications. Details will be provided in the presentation.

3 Learning Takeaways
  1. Offer learners ways to demonstrate their knowledge.
  2. Easily create custom microsimulations.
  3. Save time with an AI tool when building simulations.


Bill Cornelius, President & CEO of eTrainETC, LLC, has over 25 years of experience in training and development. With a strong background in technology and training before becoming an entrepreneur, Bill’s experience allowed him to lead teams to pioneer several compelling technologies as well as implement proven solutions with instructionally sound principles. These solutions have created great results that delight and captivate clients.

Prior to eTrainETC, Bill started his first company which was focused on custom training and development for the healthcare, government, and manufacturing sectors.

Bill’s personal experience in miscommunication of care resulting in the loss of a loved one drives his passion to improve training and education everywhere.