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eTrainetc Expands Custom Training Platform to All Industries

eTrainETC Marketing
October 13, 2021

SARASOTA, FL — eTrainetc, LLC, has announced that its self-authoring training platform has been expanded to all industries, allowing companies, organizations, and institutions in every field to provide customized training and maximize educational investments. eTrainetc’s unique training technology is an easy-to-use, self-authorizing platform which creates eMicro-Simulations (eMicro-Sims). The eMicro-Sims are 5-15 minute digital scenarios designed to promote critical thinking skills through interactive decision-making experiences.

Digital images, animations, and libraries of scenes create innovative eMicro-Sims that engage learners in simulated real-world situations. The customized scenarios accurately map out participants’ levels of knowledge application (competence) and confidence, identifying any potential gaps.

In addition, the platform provides comprehensive data analytics, adaptive learning, branching, and gamification. It offers flexible deployment, integrates with any learning management system (LMS-SCORM plus) and can leverage xAPI. The platform can be accessed from multiple devices, including cell phones, tablets, computers, and some VR applications. The eMicro-Sims can integrate with any eLearning initiative.

Bill Cornelius, CEO of eTrainetc explains, “We developed this platform to help improve safety and compliance. Our tools are easy to use, requiring no technical competency on the part of training teams to quickly design and deliver brief, effective educational solutions. When subject matter can be quickly mastered, and gaps in safety & compliance minimized, we all win.”

In 2020, eTrainetc executives realized that the COVID pandemic created an immediate need for accessible, efficient, and comprehensive employee training. The company has developed over100 training scenarios for healthcare professionals, including a free COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) eMicro-Sim, which has been completed by over 30,000 healthcare providers. The platform is now being used by training departments, schools, and universities around the country.

Cornelius stressed the importance of targeted training for employees, “A training team’s ability to accurately stratify participants’ competence and confidence – and to identify instances of unconscious bias (high levels of confidence with lower levels of competence) – is critical for improving safety and compliance. This can save any organization significant training costs, while decreasing risk.”


eTrainetc, LLC

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